Audemars Piguet Gold Chronograph Comment at SIHH 2016

70s of last century, Audemars Piguet launched the famous series Royal Oak sports watch,which was exaggerated due to the octagonal shape and huge size and highly controversial, one of the most controversial, and it uses steel. At that time, the steel is considered to be a cheap metal (also today), as the senior watch, a noble metal is not expressly provided for in the guidelines, and gold is the most representative. But for decades, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is not only controversial destroyed, but more like a high standing in the benchmark top luxury sports watch, has become a classic in the field. At SIHH 2016 , Audemars Piguet to the “gold” as the theme, the series traced the rise of the era, creating a comprehensive family of Royal Oak gold watch, from basic models to the calendar, tourbillon, timing everything. This time, we introduce is the gold Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph, model 26320BA.OO.1220BA.02.
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph at sihh 2016
From the front to enjoy the Royal Oak, in fact, it does not fully reflect the sense of power share of Royal Oak. To appreciate from the crown side, Royal Oak angular, and the pursuit of traditional watchmaking concept rounded stark contrast, especially the crown shape, shoulder and chronograph buttons bolts. Because the material is gold in color and has a lot to hide its visual impact, I can still feel it a solid feature. Octagonal bezel and match Royal Oak bracelet naturally non-traditional style. Audemars Piguet replica such as monolithic solid gold bracelet to create, it is some “pride bully” link between a series of small pieces of gold through connecting pieces together, since the appropriate link pitch, and thus the overall use of all very smooth.
This year Audemars Piguet is not only the main push gold material, one of the main color is actually blue. Prior to this, the blue has repeatedly appeared in the Audemars Piguet watch, but the emergence of such a scale as this year, is relatively small. Always use dial Audemars Piguet’s iconic large checkered decoration, combined with Patton-like type time scale and pointer, clearly visible reading, while covering the markers and hands luminous coating, easy to read the time under a dark environment. Three secondary dial presents a standard three symmetric layout, each part representing the scoring, timing and small seconds functions. Audemars Piguet watch dial is the basis of all the most complex dial an ordinary dial only need re-plating hydraulic pressure on the metal blank plate on the line, but Audemars Piguet decades stick with checkered decorative, such Plaid required by a dedicated machine milling at the bottom of a pattern of, there is a very fine grained, these are not ordinary machines can be produced. Additionally, hour meter all use K gold material, and then through the metal inlay is made with the bottom of the dial, rather than shellac fixed, so more firmly.
And with a metal chain, optional clasp is really very little, Audemars Piguet has been using butterfly buckle, simple and convenient operation. At the outer end clasp, simple and clear “AP” logo, impressive. In the bottom inside, equipped with brand production Calibre 2385 self-winding movement, this movement is based on the comparison Audemars Piguet Royal Oak chronograph movement, automatic winding way, moving the reservoir 40 hours, less use in recent years, Audemars Piguet from the development of new technologies.

Cartier Drive De Cartier watch small seconds at SIHH 2016

Although SIHH is positioned in relatively high-end, but in recent years, the introduction of various brands still in the process of complex functions and special watches, but also did not forget to launch some of the more populist basic style, these models belong to the entry-level brand watches , the price is relatively not so high, and the process is also good.
Cartier aaa replica Haute Horlogerie, has continued to force, let it visibility and recognition in the watch delusion has also been significantly improved, at SIHH 2016, Cartier continue to force, a senior complex function watch, high luxury jewelry watch and craft master watch an endless stream of new work. Cartier watchmaking advanced research and development capabilities in terms of shocking, it also makes the product design skill convincing. Following two years ago launched a new Cle De Cartier, Cartier again this year to push a new series of unique Drive De Cartier. And the previous series, Cartier from its basic models to complex models were “armed” to meet the preferences of different watches fans critical eye.
Cartier Drive De Cartier watch small seconds
New products will always cause people to desire novelty, Cartier Drive De Cartier watch rose gold version and stainless steel version, choose basic models, the steel section is a good choice. Small second paragraph uses homegrown Cartier 1904MC automatic movement, While this movement before use in multiple series, has passed the test market for many years, is currently in good Cartier foundation movement. Although the annual Cartier many new products out quickly, but the same type of watch, will not have a strong competitive watches appear.

IWC Mark XVII “Little Prince” Special Edition At SIHH 2016

This year is the year of the pilot series nations, IWC introduced a number of pilot series, major fly in the main, including more limited edition, TOP GUN, Spitfire and other styles. Replica IWC pilot watch has been the altar table in the classic, this year’s limited edition 55 mm large fly and 48-mm fly is the focus of watches, but limited, large fly 55mm is said to have ordered a blank, 48 mm estimates also difficult to buy, and the size is too large, the majority of people simply could not wear. There is also a variety of limited edition chronograph, perpetual calendar and long power watch, or that standard, high-level complex will not be considered within the scope of a limited edition basically no chance, and this year’s limited edition size is not too large complex models, is a good long power meter choice, but also in the 46 mm size, wearing live, after a comprehensive comparison, I personally feel that Mark eighteen “little Prince” Special Edition is more inviting me.
iwc pilot mark xvii watch
IWC designers get inspiration from the 1930s Junkers Ju 52 cockpit instrument panel, all the clarity and clear layout as a reference. Arabic numerals huge rounded shape, each located at a predetermined position, with two exceptions: Digital white triangle sign “12” is marked on both sides with a point-like alternative to achieve at a higher resolution reading. “3 o’clock” position compared with date window – – trace of modern still essential. Watch the bottom of the table engraved Ju 52 patterns.
Mark XVII Little Prince Special Edition, there are many delightful places, on the one hand it is the size of 40 mm, a thickness of 11 mm, a very good day matching the size of the watch, most men can wear . The other is blue dial, many pilots disk watch is mainly black, white and gray tones, which is more prominent in the blue, but it is not yet unassuming personality. There is a bottom cover engraved dressed in cloak and sword Little Prince image illustrates the difference between this table.
2013 Mark has been out of seventeen “Little Prince” special edition, limited edition 1000, when the “Little Prince” family of nations just beginning to watch highlights, using a fan date window pointer sharper when labeled Quad, protruding edges. Mark eighteen windows using a single date, the time scale is rounded Arabic numerals, as compared to the previous generation, more orthodox. Take the Cal.30110 automatic movement, and movement, like Mark seventeen, but also have adopted internal watch soft iron inner shell enhancement of magnetic properties.