Cartier CLÉ DE CARTIER Automatic skeleton watch 9621 MC-type movement

Line, shape, movement …… was born in 2015 in the Cartier Clé de Cartier watch takes its name resembles the keys on the winding crown. Cartier watches inspired by the traditional interpretation of the new operating mode. Today, this watch is equipped with Cartier’s first self-winding skeleton movement –9621 MC-type movement, highlighting its sophisticated mechanism designed for mechanical aesthetics and ideas.
cartier CLÉ DE CARTIER Automatic skeleton watch 9621 MC-type movement
Iconic Roman numerals illusion Cartier bridge hollow form for the movement, III, VI, IX and XII digital style hollow form bridges between the actual situation and the movement side by side, inside the universe reveal clever, advanced harmony with watchmaking parts. As Cartier watchmakers special launch of the first self-winding skeleton movement, which process more difficult is amazing.
The challenge is the need to show as much as possible while maintaining the aesthetic hollow pendulum movement Tuo hidden, and to ensure the chain is not affected. Cartier replica watchmakers after careful calculation, and ultimately determine the ideal thickness of the movement, and choose equipped with 22K gold to create a pendulum Tuo. When this meter masterpiece by virtue of Clé de Cartier, Cartier hollow aesthetics rose to another new height.
Case: 950 ‰ palladium
Diameter: 41 mm
Key-shaped Crown: set with a sapphire
Hands: sword-shaped blue steel hands
Strap: black alligator strap
Clasp: 18K white gold folding clasp K
Table mirror and back: sapphire crystal and caseback
Case Thickness: 11.45 mm
Water depth: 3 bar (~ 30 m)
Another case paved diamond section
Cartier 9621 MC-type workshops refined self-winding mechanical movement, Roman numerals indicate the bridge-shaped hollow form of hours and minutes, 22K gold openwork oscillating weight.
Movement diameter: 13 3/4 fractionation, namely 31.05 mm
Movement Total diameter: 31.63 mm
Movement thickness: 5.66 mm
Ruby bearings: 28
Movement of parts: 165
Balance wheel vibration frequency: 28,800
Power reserve: about 48 hours

CARTIER CLÉ DE CARTIER Platinum Watch WGCL0005 Reviewing

Cartier was founded in France in 1847, becoming the world leader in jewelry, watches and accessories in the field of King Edward VII was hailed as “king of jewelers, jeweler of kings.” With innovative ideas and talent design, writing design history of jewelry and watches in the world, subject to royalty and celebrities Ascot numerous respected and loved. Key Series Cartier watch with a high degree of recognition, its a “abalone shell” shaped case, with a square crown, with gentleness to conquer people’s hearts. Today we’ll bring everyone one of a CARTIER CLÉ DE CARTIER Platinum men’s watch, the official model: WGCL0005.
The style is simple, elegant men’s watch line genus elegant and beautiful CARTIER CLÉ DE CARTIER series, because of the way if we turn the key chain named. 18k white gold watch with a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 11.76 mm of abalone shell-shaped ovate case, side assembled a unique personality square crown. CARTIER CLÉ DE CARTIER Watch using understated elegant black crocodile leather strap, strap with folding buckle link. Water resistant to 30 meters. Watch the side using a unique personality square crown, easy to grasp; inlaid black stones on the crown, exquisite beauty. In the watch when the crown is rotated like a key chain rotation beautiful Smart.
CARTIER CLÉ DE CARTIER Platinum Watch WGCL0005 case diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 11.76 mm, this size perfect for men who can manage. Case has been polished, smooth and endowed with metallic luster; side of the case through a special design, more layered. Using a circular dial on the case, use the white dial exquisite beauty of radial corrugations, the outer edge of the atmosphere using the elegant Roman numerals as hour markers, blue sweep indicates the time, reading is clear and simple; the six o’clock position on the dial date display window. Sapphire crystal glass table mirror cover on the case. Watch strap with folding clasp platinum links and unique exterior design beautiful clasp. Black belt and silver clasp with, not only illegally and without, but people feel stable classic. Case back to back through the bottom of the cartier replica watch, bottom of the table outer edge of metal, glass mirror center, you can see the internal movement. Bottom of the table using the screw bolt fixed on top of the case. Watch is equipped with high performance automatic mechanical movement.


A Lange Sohne ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER is the first combination jump word shown decimal mechanical watch three questions device. A Lange Sohne, director of product research and development, creative percussion of Anthony de Haas side to show their skills in front of drums, sonorous and melodious music while talked While this watch masterpiece.
a lange sohne zeitwerk minute repeater watch
In fact, A Lange Sohne GRANDE COMPLICATION is the first device with three repeater watch. This works after the launch, we have estimated that our next coin three repeater watch applies classic watches, such as 1815 and so on. For this reason, we decided to bring surprises. Moreover, on a technical level, ZEITWERK set design is very suitable for adding sound devices. Its unique movement structure, so that the sequence of sounds worm control layout just right.
The biggest challenge is the lack of space. A Lange Sohne ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER highly sophisticated, the number of parts compared to the complexity of its movement L043.1 subtle type of movement-more than twice. This watch more than the ZEITWERK STRIKING TIME about 250 parts, but both are the same diameter. For in such a small space configuration component, we need to make a lot of trade-offs, such as abandonment designed for sound equipment and set the barrel, conventional slider mode. A Lange Sohne ZEITWERK features a high torque large barrel, very suitable for the needs of this watch.
Developed such a complex movement, many details need to be considered. For example, the design of the hammer is essential. As the drum stick, it must be recovered immediately after the hammer struck the gong, gong vibration so as not to affect. Mallet shape, weight, and even drive the hammer gossamer how to design, are crucial. The operation of the movement components fast, even if it would be difficult to capture shots of slow.
Director of product research and development point of view, I think ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER for the future development of Lange set a milestone. This works as timekeeping watches Lange development has taken a big step. In addition, this project has brought us a lot of fun. Not only because the face of these extraordinary challenges in the development stage, but also because of our seamless cooperation between teams. Replica A Lange Sohne Watch team from time to time to discuss problems with each other, and made a lot of innovative solutions. For this reason, we feel the advent ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER are truly proud of.

Rolex launch the new Oyster Perpetual series Watches

Rolex Oyster Perpetual launch of the new series, in addition to 39 mm watches, as well as with a unique new surface 26, 31 and 34 mm watches. The new watches launched in 2014 and 31 and 36 mm Oyster Perpetual embraced each other to form a series, contains a variety of sizes and attractive surface, highlighting the Rolex legend comprehensive image. Red grape color surface for all size watches ── 26, 31, 34,36 and 39 mm, this series of watches interrelated.
rolex oyster Perpetual 39mm watch
Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 watch, model 114300 – 70400,904L stainless steel Oyster case (the original piece of metal casting middle case, screw-down case back and winding crown), diameter 39 mm, Rolex triangle grooved screwed caseback anti-scratch sapphire crystal mirror, waterproof 100 meters, the Rolex 3132 automatic winding movement, Swiss chronometer certification (COSC), the central hour, minute and second hand, second hand pause function to accurately adjust the time, vibration frequency of 28,800 cycles / hour (4 Hz), paramagnetic blue Parachrom springs, high-performance Paraflex cushioning device, power reserve of approximately 48 hours, the effect of the sun’s rays deep rhodium white surface, Oyster Sange solid links 904L stainless steel Oyster bracelet with folding buckle .
Rolex Oyster Perpetual series of functions, is reliably and accurately display the time, and this is the essence of the concept lies Oyster. This watch from the 1926 world’s first waterproof watch ── Oyster watch prototype, Rolex has therefore established reputation. Oyster Perpetual Rolex Series combines famous waterproof Oyster case and automatic chain constant motivation core. Oyster Perpetual Series COSC chronometer, with all the basic elements of Oyster series, this watch to configure attention new surface to sports-style elegance and rich colors, stand out in a number of watches.
Oyster Perpetual series of Oyster case to ensure water depth of 100 meters (330 feet), is a model for rugged and reliable. Uniquely shaped middle case with the original block of solid 904L steel, difficult corrosion. Triangular grooved bottom with a special tool exclusive brand of tightening, so the case is completely sealed, the only watchmaker Rolex opened before. Rolex winding crown is used Twill dual waterproofing system lock securely fastened to the case. In addition, the mirror places blue crystal manufacture, easy to scratch. Oyster Perpetual waterproof Oyster case provides the best protection for high-precision movement.
Oyster Perpetual series of watches based on different dimensions, with 3132 type (39 mm), 3130 (36 and 34 mm) or 2231 (31 and 26 mm) movement. These three groups self-winding mechanical movement entirely developed by Rolex. This high-quality exquisite design movement, excellent production and fine-tuning procedures to ensure unparalleled performance watch. Each movement is eligible for the Swiss Observatory certification, this certification specifically awarded to success through the Swiss chronometer testing center (COSC) detection precision watch. 3132 and 3130 balance swing type movement within the assembly, is the heart of replica rolex watch parts, with the Rolex patent blue Parachrom gossamer, gossamer made this casting unique to Rolex niobium-zirconium alloy, apart from magnetic interference, even surface It remains extremely stable to temperature changes, seismic force ten times more than conventional gossamer.

Piaget introduced SIHH 2016 Limelight Gala watch

Born in freedom, daring and luxurious ambience of the 1960s and 1970s, Piaget Limelight Gala with cuff watches and Piaget sautoir necklace showing a unique style and a strong design. Get inspiration from the endless supply of creativity in the workshop, Piaget Limelight Gala watch is a symbol of timeless elegance female, is also Earl cordial We promise to build women’s limelight gala watch at SIHH2016
2013, Piaget Limelight Gala was first released version satin strap watch. Today, the brand launched a new rose gold or platinum watch (diameter 32 mm), with Milanese strap. Carefully adjust the strap seamlessly integrated into the case, and diamond (total weight 1.75 kt) Asymmetric slim bezel and lugs a Piaget replica perfect match. BraceletStuff silky soft, shines, unrivaled wearing comfort, reflecting the highest standards always count.
In the count, watchmakers will closely focus on every detail of the ideal, the reality turned into perseverance, admirable exquisite polish, the interpretation of the brand’s unique skills and commitment to the pursuit of perfection. The wearer can adjust the slider chain belt, matching wrist, as Buckle as easy and convenient.

A LANGE & SOHNE 1815 TOURBILLON HANDWERKSKUNST to commemorate the bicentenary of the birth of the founder

December 7, A LANGE&SOHNE watch factory founded by date, brand Semper Opera House in Dresden organize special events to commemorate Ferdinand Adolph Lange bicentenary of the birth. Evening activities presented in a way to travel through time, A LANGE & SOHNE 1815 TOURBILLON HANDWERKSUNST watch the event appeared to make the atmosphere peaked.
From 28 countries, a total of more than 170 reporters, customers and friends of the brand came to Dresden, to attend Adolph Lange birthday bicentenary celebrations. December 7, 1845, Ferdinand Adolph Lange walked in Dresden Erzgebirge mountains in southern mining town of Glashütte, founded Lange watch factory in that day, and gradually make local Saxony and even become German precision watchmaking center.
Today, A LANGE & SOHNE released 1815 TOURBILLON HANDWERKSUNST watch, limited 30, in order to pay tribute to the Saxon watchmaking pioneer. For highest precision and simplicity mechanical pursuit shape Lange style, elegant architecture and a perfect process still continues tradition by the brand watches.
Time journey in the form of the film, recalled the A LANGE & SOHNE family and A LANGE & SOHNE watch factory up to two hundred years of history of ups and downs, orchestra and choir presented wonderful performances and musical accompaniment. Select the Semper Opera for events after careful consideration, Ferdinand Adolph A LANGE & SOHNE once arch stage curtain for the prototyping Five-Minute Clock (five minutes digital clock) architecture. In addition, Opera also provides inspiration for the famous LANGE 1 watch big calendar.
Dresden Albertinum dinner organized, Lange CEO Wilhelm Schmid and company founder Walter Lange presented the Lange watchmaking excellence award, prize of 10,000 euros. This year is the sixth time the awards handed out, from Finland Reima Koivukoski calendar week display with unique design won the title. Lange contribution awards this young generation of advanced watchmaking.

Cartier Panthère set Colibri power reserve watch

Cartier, cheetah image and spirit enjoy the show. Whether figurative or abstract, mysterious and delicate cheetah can always look to add charming temperament Cartier works. In the new Panthères et Colibri “cheetah and Hummingbird” on-demand power reserve watch, a cheetah in the company of a hummingbird sitting serene, so really fascinating scenery …… gently press on the winding crown, a baby from the mother leopard arms jumped, startled leaps hummingbird wings, and watch as the power reserve display: The new 9915 MC-type movement through bee bird flew from a height to display the time remaining on the chain.
Cartier Panthère set Colibri power reserve watch
Cartier Panthère set Colibri power reserve watch Dial is also very simple and elegant decor: embellishment dazzling diamonds on a black background, soft weeds wind sway. Bezel paved with diamonds, shiny, subtly contrast with the dial form. Cheetah vivid three-dimensional silhouette, fur decorated with diamonds and black spots.
Cartier Panthère set Colibri power reserve watch poetic interpretation of advanced watchmaking complication, vividly showing a cheetah mother cuddling gentle scene.
Panthères et Colibri “cheetah and Hummingbird” on-demand power reserve watch 9915 MC-type movement
Case: 18K rhodium-plated white K gold case set with 314 brilliant-cut round diamonds
Diameter: 42.75 mm
Crown: grained crown set with a diamond
Dial: 18K rhodium-plated white K gold dial set with 11 brilliant-cut round diamonds
Cheetah pattern: 18K rhodium-plated white K gold pattern inlay 270 round brilliant-cut diamonds, pear cut emerald leopard eyes, black spots
Pointer: Gold-plated steel sword-shaped pointer
Strap: black alligator strap
Clasp: 18K rhodium-plated white K gold folding clasp set with 43 brilliant-cut round diamonds
Cartier replica mirror and back: sapphire crystal and caseback
Case Thickness: 11.40 mm
Water depth: 3 bar (~ 30 m)
Another section paved diamond bracelet

Cartier SIHH 2016 Rotonde de Cartier watch Day and Night with Retrograde Moonphases

January 18, 2016 to 22, the 26th Geneva International Watch Salon will Palexpo Conference Center opened. Cartier will launch a new salon on the Cartier Rotonde de Cartier watch Day and Night with Retrograde Moonphases.
Cartier SIHH 2016 Rotonde de Cartier watch Day and Night with Retrograde Moonphases
This elegant count when the 18K white gold case, diameter 40 mm, thickness of 12.16 mm of Cartier SIHH 2016 Rotonde de Cartier watch Day and Night with Retrograde Moonphases, the rhodium-plated, water resistant to 30 meters. Whole disk in gray and blue color tone, the lower half decorated with seven Satsuki pattern, each at different stages of profit and loss, are inlaid with diamonds or sapphires, shines, on which there is a retrograde rhodium-plated hands across.
The upper part of the disk on the Cartier SIHH 2016 Rotonde de Cartier watch Day and Night with Retrograde Moonphases, the sun and the moon appear alternately, indicating day and night change and time frame up and down each row of inlaid diamonds. Division information are indicated by the corresponding positions of celestial bodies and dagger-shaped hands.
9912 MC watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, for the day and night conversion, division information and moon phase to power. Prior to SIHH 2014 Cartier’s first release of the same name on the Cartier SIHH 2016 Rotonde de Cartier watch Day and Night with Retrograde Moonphases, with is this movement. Cartier SIHH 2016 replica Rotonde de Cartier watch Day and Night with Retrograde Moonphases display moon phase given a new, more artistic interpretation.

Omega Constellation men’s watch and Omega De Ville Dewdrop Ladies watch For Christmas Day

Familiar carols ringing in the ears, the world immersed in a peaceful and warm atmosphere: the colorful lights decorate the old streets, bells, stars and snowflakes adorn most especially evergreens, people like a child-like highly anticipated Christmas the arrival of the night. In this romantic silver holiday, Omega as you carefully selected special gift when two beautifully ornate and elegant design, superb timing unite tradition from Switzerland, the memory of the most precious every second winding wrist, accompany you through the warm heart of the elegant winter. This sincere intention, gift yourself a new year wish bit more appreciative of time; gift of friends or family, wish this love as timeless as time lasting.
Omega De Ville Dewdrop coaxial ladies watch, perfectly capture the nature of the mysterious and share Smart butterfly elegance, as Ville family Adds romantic female charm. 18K red gold case with a sparkling diamond bezel, three on each side “drop” shape lugs. Gorgeous dial by 18K red gold and white mother of pearl to create a stunning butterfly pattern. This exquisite watch decorated with 8 diamond hour markers and five collections of style by the “drop” strung bracelet, while equipped with Omega 2500 coaxial movement.
Omega Constellation men’s watch new coaxial designed for modern men and build. The count for its three-dimensional diamond pattern when Pierre fore, inspired by men’s fashion geometry and construction sector, the world is a perfect balance of aesthetics and integration, bring some sense of peace and quiet to hectic people. Steel to build the case decorated with 18K red gold or gold bracelet and a half-moon-hour scale also choose 18K gold material, and covered with Super-LumiNova luminous coating, so that in the night can be clearly read. This watch is also equipped with Omega 8500 coaxial movement.
omega constellation men's watch
This Christmas, Omega gold replica watch series to bring you a warm golden Christmas, count all when inheritance Omega craftsmanship each unique design highlight the luxurious elegance. Pierre pleasing aesthetic reproduction of the classic moments, put it together to listen to the Christmas and New Year bells ring the bell, meet the new year.

Daniel Craig Attend Omega 007 debut watches party

November 13, 2015, Beijing 751 D Park, with the “007: SPECTRE” premiere, the famous Swiss watch brand Omega also held its party Omega 007 watches, Omega president of Europe Branch Mr Tsang attended as a guest, “007” • Daniel Craig also attended specially brand station cheer.
See through from “Golden Eye” in the Soviet spy to “007: Ghost Party” in the fight against evil forces of darkness, 20 years since this adventure, Omega Seamaster replica watch has been the play of James • Bond trusted partner. Whether in combat or their praised the outstanding performance of the character design, Omega watches 007 inherited its naval history and distinctive personality, very precious value.
omega seamaster 007 replica
Since 1995, “Golden Eye”, Omega Seamaster 007 watch has been associated with 007 agents, with its deep history and classic navy appearance, perfect show • James Bond character roles. While specially designed for “007: Ghost Party” to create unique limited edition watch will be 7,007 pieces worldwide, this figure represents a self-evident meaning, watches stainless steel case and black dial to create a concise fashion appearance and attractive.
This Omega Seamaster 007 watch is equipped with black polished ceramic to create bi-directional rotating diving bezel, as well as Liquidmetal alloy 12-hour scale, easy to adjust the time display of any country in the world, is very suitable for those who frequently travel.
Other features of the watch is also very eye-catching special. Decorated with “lollipop” type of center seconds on the dial, strap is black and gray stripes with 5 Omega NATO NATO military strap, also known as James Bond • NATO strap with clip engraved with the 007 logo.
Each costing watch table back engraved with limited edition number and “007: Ghost Party” movie logo to celebrate the release of the latest 007 adventure. Omega watches are also equipped with a revolutionary production for 8400 “to attain coaxial movement,” so that at the time of processing tasks Bond is more at ease. Domestic price of 50,900 yuan.