Audemars Piguet announced the re-appointment of Art Basel Global Partners

Swiss luxury watch brand Audemars Piguet announced that it will continue and the Art Basel partnership, assist in planning for the world’s premier art fair, to promote the best of contemporary and modern art. As a global joint sponsor of Art Basel, Audemars Piguet replica will tour through the three Art Basel in Basel, Miami and Hong Kong organized by the continued full support of the event. This continued for many years of cooperation between the two sides showed a commitment to the development of contemporary and modern art, as well as Audemars Piguet virtuosity and innovation to promote the concept of a firm will. Over the past more than three years, Art Basel has become involved Audemars Piguet global platform for contemporary art, and in June 2015 gave birth to the Audemars Piguet annual plan customized artwork.
In collaboration with Art Basel, the Audemars Piguet launched a series of stunning art projects and installations. During the Miami station in 2013, Audemars Piguet and the world-renowned Galerie Perrotin hand in hand, showing a double by French Art Kolkoz designed a large floating inflatable Curiosity. 2014 Miami, Audemars Piguet and blue to the Peabody Essex Museum cooperation, mutual assistance Proteor display • Theo Jansen design power “beach Theo Jansen” (Strandbeest), Theo Jansen • make use of wind Theo Jansen walking along Miami Beach, causing an unprecedented sensation.
To fully support the 2015 Art Basel, Audemars Piguet artwork officially launched a customized plan (Audemars Piguet Art Commission). Swiss artist and composer Robin Meier was elected as the annual plan customized artwork Audemars Piguet first artist. In the famous curator Mark – under Austrian legislation Marc-Olivier Wahler assistance, Robin • Meyer created a large “Synchronicity” device, the interpretation of the order of laws of nature. This synchronization means for exploring the nature of the phenomenon, understand scattered in remote areas around the world how to consistently issued firefly bioluminescence. To accomplish this arrangement, Robin • Mel were complex and sophisticated surveys, combined with in-depth scientific and technical practices challenging. Future annual Audemars Piguet artwork customized program will continue to explore related topics, the full support of the artist to complete the work required resources and skills.

IWC Auctions Off IWC Pilot’s Little Prince Watch to Raise Money for Thai Youth

November 10, 2015, Geneva – recently, precious watches Sotheby’s auction in Geneva organized by the Swiss watchmaking masters a chase IWC’s effort to build a pilot needle chronograph watch “The Little Prince” Red gold Special Edition to 47,500 Swiss francs deal. While this unique meter when the auction proceeds will be donated in full to the IWC partner for many years – Antoine St. Ai repair Bai in Youth Foundation. Foundation will use the money to finance the northern Thai city of Mae Sot hotel and catering training school, the school’s principal to provide the appropriate training courses for Thai teenagers.
iwc pilot's little prince watch
The success of the auction hammer of the replica IWC pilot chronograph watch “The Little Prince” red gold Special Edition (Model: IW371810) equipped with 79,420 mechanical chronograph movement and calculate split time chasing pin. In addition, it has a unique feature, the center of the blue dial week display, seven days a week, every day will be lit at midnight a different gold stars. Seven stars on the dial symbolizes the little prince in his cosmic journey had visited the seven planets. Bottom of the watch is also engraved with the inhabitants of this planet and the little prince seven on each planet encountered.
In 2008, St. Anthony repair Ai Bai in Youth Foundation founded by Anthony descendants, aims to carry forward the great French writer and aviator valuable spiritual and cultural values. Foundation provides support for numerous projects around the world, in order to improve the daily lives of young people, to create a better future for them. “To provide support for the difficult situation faced by young children is an important cornerstone of our corporate social responsibility. Therefore, since we repair Ai Bai St. Anthony Foundation was established in adolescents will always maintain close cooperation with its culture efficient and fruitful partnership relationship. “IWC CEO Georges Kern said.
This is the IWC’s Sotheby’s auction in Geneva behavior repair Ai Bai St. Anthony Youth Foundation to raise money in the jointly organized the third auction. Two years ago, large-scale IWC pilot a perpetual calendar watch “The Little Prince” Special Edition expensive hammer, with the auction to raise money for the Foundation totaling 173,000 Swiss francs to build a school in Cambodia teaching building with two libraries, and funding for remote regional delivery of library books bus project, and therefore play an important role in Siem Reap province in literacy activities. Last year, IWC and the auction a Pilot Chronograph “The Last Flight” Platinum Special Edition, the auction proceeds for the construction of a Brazilian child in a hospital full of books, computers and e-book library. April 2015, the Brazilian supermodel, IWC brand ambassador Adriana Lima for the new library opened.

A.Lange & Söhne 1815 CHRONOGRAPH “200th Anniversary F. A. Lange” at WATCHES&WONDERS 2015

At 2015 WATCHES & WONDERS Asia Watch Fair, A. Lange & Söhne to the number of the most impressive launch of two new 1815 series timepiece. A 1815 CHRONOGRAPH store Special Edition Chronograph, interwoven with blue and white fresh and pleasing, attracted everyone shines, and A. Lange & Söhne has always been adhering to the elegant and stately slightly different. Another innovation is the brand of honey gold materials to build A. Lange & Söhne 1815 “200th Anniversary FA Lange” 18K honey-colored gold commemorative wristwatch, which is the brand to commemorate ‧ Ferdinand Adolph Lange ‧ 200th birthday and the launch of paragraph commemorative wristwatch, but the biggest highlight of this new timepiece than Lange’s original honey-colored 18K gold steel case.
A.Lange & Söhne 1815 CHRONOGRAPH 200th Anniversary F. A. Lange
The biggest bright spot of 1815 CHRONOGRAPH in the design is the use of dark blue lines on classic silver dial, with blue lines showing classic numerals, railway track minute scale, blue intertwined outlook, both the classical tradition but also innovative design. Functionally, 1815 CHRONOGRAPH watches in addition to conventional timing functions, can measure heart rate, when the number to 30 of the next heartbeat, stop the clock, chronograph sweep-second hand will point to pulsimeter scale, the number of beats per minute is displayed directly . 1815 CHRONOGRAPH Special Edition Watch equipped Lange L951.5 type chronograph movement, power reserve of 60 hours. At the same time, this 1815 CHRONOGRAPH Special Edition for the store, on sale exclusively at the world’s 15 stores.
Stick with the precious metal is one of philosophy A. Lange & Sohne watchmaking, precious metals in innovation, brand development of the unique “Honey Gold” –18K honey-colored gold. The WATCHES & WONDERS Asia Watch Fair is offering a 1815 “200th Anniversary FA Lange” 18K honey-colored gold commemorative replica A.Lange & Sohne watch is a new innovative use of precious metals, the unique warm, more than a Vickers hardness 300 degrees, about other double gold alloy. Internal configuration L051.1 type manual winding movement, the 188 parts, power reserve up to 55 hours. Limited edition of 200.

Hublot supports the Miami Art Romero Britto

Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot bring Brazilian pop artist Romero Britto gallery-style brand boutiques in the Miami Design District, held a unique installation art and charity nights.
hublot supports the Miami Art Romero Britto
As a Hublot replica partner, Romero Britto has always been vibrant art known. Activities, he announced to the public its own unique mixed media works, this piece will exhibit in the shop for two weeks. Guests enjoy a cocktail and hors d’oeuvres, while enjoying the art installations.
Hublot and Romero Britto will donate a portion of the proceeds from the evening to the Best Buddies International. This is a global non-profit charitable organization that aims to care for mental physiological disabilities, and to create friendship, leadership development and equal opportunity employment. Where to buy a work of art guests will have the opportunity to visit the Romero Britto’s private studio.
014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil marked the beginning of the art world and the world of luxury watchmaking partnership. Romero Britto as World Cup ambassador, while Hublot is the official timekeeper and official watch races, the former for the latter designed and painted the colorful style of football case. Later, this theme also extends to “Hublot Love Football” global photography tour activities.
This year, Hublot to join Romero Britto launched two new timepieces creation: Hulot Classic Fusion enamel Brito limited edition watch (platinum / ceramic) and only this one enamel Brito Only Watch 2015 watch (black ceramic). Both of these two exquisite enamel is a traditional craft and modern Pop Art and Cubism perfect fusion.

Tissot have a partnership with five NBA teams

Tissot announced a partnership with the Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, New York Knicks and San Antonio Spurs five NBA teams, to further expand the NBA as the official timekeeper of the commitment. This marks Tissot starts the global partnership with NBA. NBA league and team executives, former NBA player and François Tissot Global CEO Tim Po in New York announced a new cooperation agreement, and released the first NBA Tissot watches —Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar NBA Watch Special Version.
2016-17 season, Tissot will be the introduction of a new system of precise timing NBA all 29 venues.
NBA league and team executives, former NBA player and François Tissot Global CEO Tim Po in New York announced a new cooperation agreement, and released the first NBA Tissot watches –T-Touch Expert Solar NBA Watch Special Version.
In addition, Tissot also launch a Quickster special watch for each partner team, with the team color strap team team logo printed on the bottom shell. Tissot watches the NBA at the end of this year, the United States Tissot boutiques, Tissot online store and major retail partners are on sale.
Tissot is a legendary Swiss watch brand, renowned for their performance and precision known, just as the 2015-16 season, the NBA team to work together, “Tissot president Francois global Tim Po said,” This is the Tissot cooperation tissot together with NBA teamswith the NBA First, we are proud to launch a new fine NBA Tissot replica timepieces, the league added the enthusiasm, attract fans. “

TAG HEUER as official timekeeper and official watch of 2015 TCS the New York City Marathon

Local time on November 1, 2015 New York City Marathon TCS shots to start running, TAG HEUER replica as official timekeeper and official watch. TCS New York City Marathon is one of the largest and most popular marathon events in the world, only with determination and perseverance of the players to come through a difficult stage of the test, TAG Heuer is proud to be an important part of the tournament.
TAG HEUER as official timekeeper and official watch of 2015 TCS the New York City Marathon
Determined that every marathoner has its own personal goals, but they also share the commitment to work hard and overcome challenges, this is the will of the dual physical and temper. Contestants will show “no fear of challenging self-achievement” firmness in up to 26.2 miles of the track, which is the TAG HEUER brand’s core spirit.
Kilian Muller, president and CEO of TAG Heuer winner of the North American region to meet the arrival at the finish line, male and female category winner will receive a respectively Tag Heuer Aquaracer 300 meters Calibre 16 Automatic Chronograph and Aquaracer dial and bezel set diamond watch.